Why Should I Start A Blog?

Why should I start a blog? I asked myself this question a few good number of times before logging into the WordPress website. Yes, I like writing, but can I really write something, that would be so meaningful that a person would spend a few minutes of his time reading that and that too, on a regular basis. Well, an emphatic ‘Yes’ was not exactly the response of my brain, but there was an urge from within, deeper down inside, to let the ideas flow out, let the thoughts be allowed to form something solid rather than being just a vague and blanched picture with more than half of its part missing. Thus, answering the former question. Every post in the blog would be a walk for the reader through my thoughts, my ideas, my knowledge and my views. This Blog is more of a bilateral side of me differing heavily with my other online ‘avatars’ (specially Twitter) it would be concerned mainly with the random thoughts that this mind could generate. So here I am, sharing the thoughts from within with the world. Thank you! WORDPRESS.


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