Sweet Noise

A couple of days ago, I received my free copy of the September Issue of the new Magazine ‘Noise Factory’ by Viacom, the following may be treated as a ‘review’ or just some random words put together intending to be funny, but not actually meaning anything – just like the magazine itself:

The first thing that strikes you about ‘Noise Factory’ is the layout; it is specially designed for I don’t know what! But it’s something that you would like… It’s kind of a ‘squarish rectangle’ (okay, you can spare me for that idiomatic aberration) great to hold onto. The logo of the ‘Noise Factory’ too, is equally striking and eye catching! Now to the real stuff – the content – As it’s a magazine from the house of MTV you can assume and blindly believe that it’s mainly about music and movies (The name gives away a few clues, isn’t it?) ‘Audio Files’ and ‘At The Movies’ provide you with some great suggestions backed up by the MTV flavour in writing. The ‘25 Must-Have Albums For The Rock Junkie’ is the best list you would ever come across. ‘Audio Files’ provides you with links to some new and (legally) free music too. ‘At The Movies’ too has prompts to films which only your ‘movie junkie’ friend would advise for. ‘Wired’ has nice Game reviews (Can’t say much on that! Not much of a gamer). Both ‘On Being Indian’ by Jerry Pinto and the comic piece on the CWG corruptions by Sorabh Pant are witty reads and equally likeable. But my favourite sections were ‘Chitra Katha’ and ‘Sasta Rasta’. ‘Chitra Katha’ has got a collections of such snaps which you can spend your whole day on the internet searching for and are most likely not to get, in this issue the theme is ‘Live Concert’ and each photo is more than a thousand words. ‘Sasta Rasta’ is a travel journo describing the cheapest way to do so, this month they are in Rishikesh. This section too has a great album of the travel, one you can keep in collections. Overall, it’s a great piece of entertainment from the great entertainers, one you can boast about, subscribing for, among friends. I’d suggest to go and get a copy yourself to experience what it actually is.


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