What was I thinking? Seriously!

“Don’t let your mind wander. It’s too small to be out by itself.”
Should’ve followed the suggestion!

What was I just thinking, just 2 minutes ago? What? I asked myself and the answer was a blank, I couldn’t remember. All blank. Am I the Aamir Khan of Ghajani? I don’t think so; I don’t have tattoos all over my body. C’mon it can’t be that tough, what was it? Was it about Hashim Amla getting a fridge in today’s match? No! That was like half an hour ago. Then? ‘The Calcutta Chromosome’! I finished it today. Nah, probably not, it was so complicated, I don’t think I’m ever even going to think of thinking about it. See, that’s how complicated it was. But why did they gave Amla a fridge, and what where they even thinking? (Damn! I can’t decide on what I was thinking, and now this fridge. It’s all taking a toll one me.)

Hey, where is this ‘The Cranberries’ song playing from? Let me check…..  From my desktop speakers!  The whole music library of the computer is playing on shuffle. Wait! I have ‘The Cranberries’! Damn! Concentrate, what it was two minutes ago, I mean two minutes before I started typing this! Yes! It’s coming, it’s coming! It was about killing something or somebody. Hmmm…. Killing some person, an enemy, someone I hate, Was it about killing that bitch from the GD class. No, no, no! Kumar Sanu, seriously! I have Kumar Sanu songs, what is wrong with my computer? But why would they give Amla a Fridge, a fridge in an International test match, that’s like ‘Jhaal Murhi’ On a Continental food menu! Oh Damn it again! Now I forgot what I was thinking two minutes ago in real-time, wait till I read what I’ve written to get it back…..  Sorry! Time and again this mind wanders off to bizarre questions. Yes, Yes, ‘Time’ that’s it, that’s it. It was about ‘killing time’.

2 minutes before starting to type this I was thinking about how to kill time! Errr… but I don’t think I need to think about it anymore. I have already brutally and excruciatingly murdered both my and your time.


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