The One With The Promise To Self

The idea was to fill this space with thoughts and stories that wandered inside and around the head so that I could reflect upon them somewhere down the line. Not for some specific reason but simply to be able to know myself more expansively, what I think and how much of it I feel free to share openly. Not being able to do so is pinching me, specially because I do not have anything else to do that can be regarded as productive.

Therefore, I make a promise to myself that regardless of the subject’s triviality, I certainly would do a post daily.


[P.S. – I know this blog does not have many readers, ‘not many’ being a euphemism for none, and if you’re reading this you are probably the second or the third person, including me, reading it, so I just wanted to say that I appreciate the effort. And it is the readers, rather the absence of readers, to be specific, that makes this blog an ‘open’ personal space for me.]


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