This Time, God Promise!

Not that anyone’s interested, but if you check the post prior to the last one, named ‘The One With The Promise To Self’, it reads me promising to myself about doing a post DAILY. And if you check the dates of that post and the last one – there’s a gap of almost two months. So, obviously, the promise has been broken, and, pretty blatantly. To be very honest, I’d almost forgotten that I have a blog and it was only yesterday, while wasting time on twitter, I read this and liked it so much so as to include it in here along with all the other posts that I have ‘included’. (Only after giving the credit to the actual writer and putting in the source in tiny, little letters below the paragraph. That is, more or less an open steal.)
So, anyways, this too is a meaningless post, promising again about doing regular posts but not specifying the *rule*, because I know I’m not going to be able to follow it.


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