Leaving A Book Unread

Pile of bookmarked books.

Is it okay to leave a book half read? I mean, I used to get miffed at myself when I did that. I felt this guilt when I didn’t complete a book. And, I had to face this question quite a few times thanks to my horrible choice in buying books. But when I looked it up on the internet I found out that it’s not that bad to do so, rather it’s a pretty great idea. The thing is, when I leave an uninteresting book incomplete I save some time to read something that I’m going to enjoy. If I started reading it for pleasure and it’s not giving me any, why on earth should I continue reading it? Would I sit through a horrible movie just because I paid for it, I don’t think so. So, unlike before, I can now abandon a book and keep feeling guilt free about it. Although, I would try to persist with a book as long as I’m able to, because sometimes they do turn out to be great, but only in the last few pages.


4 responses to “Leaving A Book Unread

  1. I think I might have left 1 book unread. Even if I don’t like it, I feel that if I’ve started reading it, I might as well find out what happens.

  2. You make great points… but…. my heart, it hurts when I see that poor lonesome book without my love!!! There are only two books I have never finished, T.E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom (Really interesting but so hard to read) and Vanity Fair (I hated the main character, she was just awful!).

  3. i wish i could do that. there have been so many bad movies and book that i have sat through/read just because i felt guilty. i have to finish a book i start reading. i just can’t let it go. and most of the time, somewhere towards the end of the book – i realize that it’s not so bad. i have left only book incomplete till today and that was because it was too dirty for my tastes at the time. but you are totally right about saving time. 🙂

    • It’s interesting you’ve written, “…somewhere towards the end of the book – i realize that it’s not so bad.” That means, you too think they were BAD, maybe not totally, but yes. Continuing with a book is a good idea until I think I will get something out of it, the moment I start to feel that it’s not going to happen, I quit!

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