The Next Book

What To Read?

Selecting The Next Read

We have too many options, when it comes to reading. And, sometimes, it can be very difficult to just make a choice. I want to feel satisfied and rewarded when I complete reading a book, and that’s why I’m always faced with the question “What will be the next book?” What should I go for – Fiction or Factual, Modern or Classic, Archer or King? At times it can be very perplexing; at times I just know what ‘exactly’ I want to read next (but only sometimes)! Time and money both are precious; I don’t want to waste it on something I’m not going to like! So, I end up thinking a lot than the usual. But, I was intrigued whether other readers face this problem too, and surprisingly for me, I found a few many articles on the topic, that means others too have a bit of befuddle while selecting the next read!

So, how do we select the next read? Well, browsing online for recommendations or going through “Bestsellers’ Lists” can be a good idea, but not always. I mean, it hasn’t always worked for me. I’ve ended up not liking and leaving unfinished a couple of books from the bestseller’s list in the past (they just weren’t what I was looking for at that time.) Friends’ recommendations have worked for me, but no blind faith there. I got my hands on any of the suggested ones only after discussing it! Surprising it may be, but my favourite is a free stroll through the bookstore (or being a Calcuttan, through College Street ). It seems the most natural and easy way for me to select ‘The Next Book’. If you’d remember in the Harry Potter series, the wand selects the wizard rather than the reverse. I feel it’s the same way when I’m walking around those huge piles of books and one of the books grabs my attention, like there’s a connection. I pick it up, read the excerpt, skim through a few pages and I know whether I want it to be my companion for the next few days or not!

College Street

College Street

[P.S.: I came across a hilarious article while browsing for this topic, do have a look here]


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