The Sidekick

It hit me today.

I had this revelation!

Am I the sidekick?


You know, the person whom you need to be reminded about…

“….Arrey! That guy, who is always with ‘X’. Arrey yaar, he’s dark, like really dark, shabby clothes, has broken teeth….”

“Accha, woh ch***ya!”

No one actually knows me in first person. My peculiar anatomical features need to be point out to that someone for him/her to recognize me. And the recognition is followed by an unpleasant adjective describing me.

Perhaps, I AM THE SIDEKICK, but not in a good way. I’m not like ‘Robin – The Boy Wonder’ or ‘Circuit’ – ‘Munna Bhai’s close companion rather I’m like ‘Kaaliya’ from ‘Sholay’ or even worse, I’m one of the other two dacoits that ‘Gabbar’ shot down with ‘Kaaliya’. Do you remember their names? No? Even I don’t. That’s the whole problem!

I used to think of myself as an ‘average guy’. But this, it changes everything. I’m even lower than the average. I’m the average guy’s sidekick. I’m like that key just above the ‘TAB’ key on the keyboard, you know it’s there but don’t bother why.

People need to know me. People need to know me in FIRST PERSON. It’s only for their good. I mean at least it won’t harm them. Right!


P.S.: The above has been written ‘for a friend.’


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