The days of the lasts!

The days of the lasts (followed by the days of getting back at things), that is exactly what the last week has been for me. On the 5th of March, 2013 I along with 40 of my classmates, graduated from the PG programme of the National Institute of Bank Management, Pune in a ceremonial convocation function.  The grand ceremony was worth remembering but what will stay etched in my memory are the moments spent with my friends in the two years of my stay over there specially the last few days of the stay.


Me and my classmates (Orange), the faculty (Silver), the Governing Board Members (green), the Dean, the Director and the Chairman of the Board and the Governor, RBI, Dr. D. Subbarao (Maroon) and the chief Guest Raghuram G Rajan(Blue), Chief Economic Adviser, GOI.

The week before the convocation marked the days of lasts in the campus, the last meal at the mess, the last night spent inside the hostel, the last ‘cutting chai’ with Pawar Sahab (my tea partner) at the ‘Balaji Tea House’, the last stroll with friends, the last jump at the alleged ‘lucky speed breaker’, the last ‘BC night’ with the friends, the last swing in the children’s park, the last game at the badminton court, the last dance (or attempt at dancing and failing miserably), the last gaalis to the admin and the last hugs shared with the friends before taking off.

The days of the lasts have been followed by the days of getting back at things, getting back to the comfort of home, getting back to the brotherhood ( of us 4 brothers), getting back to mother’s food, getting back to ‘Sunday Cricket’, getting back to the late night carom and so much more.

Do I miss the campus? Yes, maybe I do. But things need to move on, and so they have. Yes, but the memories will stay forever!


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