Train Journeys & Utter Lies

What is the biggest lie you have heard and/or told?

No honey. This dress doesn’t make you look fat.”
“Vote for me/my party and we will fulfill our promises.”
“This is not about you. It’s me. We’ll still be friends.”

The above mentioned examples are undoubtedly some of the top lies you may would’ve heard. But, through this post, I want to tell you about another lie that has impacted me on a personal level. It’s not a very common one, but detrimental nonetheless. Even more so, because it’s a lie that your ‘friends’ tell you.

“I met this awesome-ly hot girl during my train journey.”

This lie, this lie has hurt me so much, I do not even have words to express it (my lax vocabulary, may also be one of the reasons for that, but, anyways).

Let me elaborate. I have had heard plentiful of stories from friends and friends of friends about how they met this girl in the train who was – ‘totally hot’, ‘very beautiful’, ‘pretty’ or ‘not so pretty but had awesome boobs’. Some of these stories went further up to the extent of my friends ‘hooking up’ with the girls.

Before I could decipher that these were utter lies, that these ‘stories’ were just the result of the elastic property of these people’s lewd imaginations which they had stretched to the maximum extent, a lot had occurred and I had suffered much.

I used to think that these stories could play-out with me too. I too, could be the hero of one such fantasy. But lies are lies, and I realized it the hard-way. Every time I used to board a train, I had hopes that an ‘awesome-ly hot girl’ would come and sit on the adjoining seat and we’ll start talking and grow fond of each other and fall in love and get married on a beautiful night, preferably in winter, and we’ll have kids, a boy and a girl and give them pretty Bollywood names.

But all I ever got, in all of my 36 hour train journeys were – puking babies, sleeping aunties or talkative uncles, every single time. I mean, I have been puked and pissed upon by a baby, yelled upon by old aunties, bored to death, reincarnated and then brutally murdered by talkative uncles. But never once, ever, has a hot girl came up and sat at the seat adjoining to me. 

Except once, this one time, a totally awesome-ly hot girl came up to me and asked,
“Is this B – 1?”
I looked at her. Her face was as pretty as sunlight. She was dressed plainly in a tee and jeans, dark hair falling down on to shoulders, it was just beautiful.
“Y-y-yes. This is B – 1.” – I stammered.
“Papa aa jao… Yahi hai.” – She turned and asked her father to come up in the compartment.
I was a little disappointed to see her father, but that pretty face made the disappointment go away.

It was 6:00 PM, and the train was scheduled to depart at 6:20 PM. It took them almost 5 minutes to settle their luggage which constituted a pink suitcase a yellow bag. In the meantime, other people who had adjoining seats had also came in and where settling in. But I kept gaping at the pretty face and the smile that adored it. It was almost 6:15 now, the train was about to leave in 5 minutes. I don’t know what striked me, but just then I did a count of people sitting there & I counted 8 seats and 9 people, I did a recheck and in fact there were 9 people. I was so happy right then, as I deduced that the father was just here to see her daughter off and that she would be alone in this 36-hour journey. God is real and he has heard my prayers, I thought. 6:19, one minute to go, this was going to be awesome. But then, she stood up and said, “Have a safe journey papa.” Touched the old man’s feet and got off the train. Before I could comprehend what had happened the train started moving and finally I realized that it is all a lie.


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