Faking News: Fight Breaks out at Goan Night Club as a Group of Men Pretending to be Gay Couples Denied Entry


Goa, 08th March, 2014: In a bizarre turn of events, a night of ecstasy escalated into violence as  multiple fights broke out here in a Goan Night Club, between bouncers and a group of men who were pretending to be ‘Gay Couples’.

Multiple fights broke out at ‘Tambos’, a famous Night Club in the Bagha Beach area of North Goa, as a group of six men pretending to be ‘Gay Couples’ tried to enter the Club. Early reports suggest, the group was posing as gay in order to save on the ‘Cover Charges’. ‘Tambos’ charges Rs. 2000/- per person for Stags (Single Males) and only Rs. 1500/- for Couples.   

The group saw the arbitrage opportunity in entering as couples rather than Stags, and posed as Gay Men on a ‘Group Honeymoon’ to enter the club. 

Eye witnesses tell that that the men had first approached other women who were standing outside the club to pair with them to enter the club, but no one was ready to even fake being a couple with them. 

“He was a dark man, came in from my back and tapped on my shoulders. When I turned, he kept staring at my breasts for a minute and then asked me whether I wanted to go to the Club with him…”, said  Batsheva, an Israeli national, who was approached by one of the men. Batsheva is now undergoing psychiatric treatment to recover from the incident. She, reportedly, can’t get the horrific image of the ‘dark man’ out of her head.

After several attempts and rejections, the group abandoned the idea of trying to enter the club with other females and took the decision to pose as Gay Couples. 

The fight broke out as bouncers did not allow the group’s entry as couples. One of the pretend pairs also ‘kissed’ in front of the bouncers to convince them that they were, in fact, Gay, but it did not help their cause as the bouncer was a ‘homophobe’ (like the rest of the country) and attacked the pair. 

Adrenaline levels were already high because of the steamy kiss, and the group fought back, resulting in injuries. Obviously, the bouncers beat the crap out of the men, quite literally, as one person shit himself during the fight. Finally, Goa Police’s arrival at the scene calmed the situation. 

Exact identity of the persons involved could not be ascertained at the time of publication of this article, but some reports suggest they referred to each other as Kaalu, Bhalu, Takla, Dalla and Baccha.


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