I Became Poor When I Started Working

Thanks, to Twitter that I stumbled upon this post ( https://medium.com/p/4275f2c0e9ef ), which has almost the same title as the one you’re reading right now. The title got me thinking, thinking to the point that I stole it (or as Bollywood likes to call it – got inspired by) and wove my idea and story around it.

The thing is that, in a few days I’ll be completing one complete year of ‘working’ and more importantly earning, but I think and I feel that I have become poor since I started working.

Let me explain. Let’s go back to my college days. I was staying away from home, staying on pocket money of approximately Rs. 20000/- for three months. Good enough? Well not so much, if you add the Rs.4000/- p.m. food bill and Rs. 3000/- to and fro train train fare, it left Rs. 5000/- as disposable income for the three months. But I (same as everyone else) could manage Saturday Night Outs, a Movie every week (thanks to the Rs.60/- Morning Shows at E-Square) and weekend trips almost whenever we wanted to. I was also the ‘snack stacker’ at the Boy’s Hostel with biscuits and Haldiram’s Bhujiya, and mind you, I kept Oreos and not some cheap biscuits (though later I had to downgrade the quality of biscuits I bought, but it was only because of the constant barrage of hungry people in my room searching for biscuits). In other words, I did whatever I wished to do (well, almost).

But now, it’s a little different, a lot different, actually. I earn somewhat good enough to do the things I want to, as before, but with my own money. But, I barely manage a movie a month, and forget about Saturday Night Outs. It’s almost a year and I barely managed one vacation.

No it’s not the money stopping me, it’s the TIME. There’s just not enough. I mean, what the heck is this all for anyways. Not being able to do what you want to do, that’s being poor. Life Sucks!

(P.S. – Just a whine.)


2 responses to “I Became Poor When I Started Working

  1. (Inspired by…) William Henry Davies…

    What is this lyf so full of care.. We hv no tym to stand n stare.. (Or Stare n stand with busy hands.. :P)

    A Poor lyf this it , so full of care… We hv no tym to stand n stare..!!!

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