The e-mail POV – Life you have and the life you wish you had

I had this revelation of sorts, when I was led to my old, pre-college days e-mail account, this evening, after I forgot the password to my reddit account. When I tried to recover my password, reddit sent an e-mail to that old account which it was linked to, and about which I had almost forgotten. At first, I checked my regular e-mail account for an e-mail from reddit, but found nothing. Ran a search for reddit in the e-mail window, but still nothing. Zilch! Then some brain cells reminded me about that old e-mail account that may probably be linked to reddit. You know the old e-mail account that everyone has/had. I am talking about the one which you made when you first discovered the magical place called the internet. The time when chatrooms were a rage, you needed to have a ‘cool’ e-mail ID. Those IDs generally had your crush’s name/hot/sexy/cool/007 as a prefix or suffix. Yes, the one you made on the ‘Family Personal Computer’ or sitting in a cyber café. Yes, the one you’re probably ashamed to share now.

I somehow, did remember the password to that e-mail account and I logged in. It was then, when my whole life, until that point, flashed before my eyes!

The Inbox was filled with e-mails from notifications from everything I wanted to do, that I had planned to do, just a few years ago. I mean it had everything, from the travel blogs I had subscribed to, to the reminder for the next video guitar lesson, from Couchsurfing requests to reminders from my stripgenerator profile, from notifications for photography forum posts to a tumblr profile that I forgot existed, et al.

In the other tab was my regular e-mail account. It had few work mails, a few notifications from my linked-in profile and some spam. That is it! The spam mails were the only interesting thing about the page.    

How things change, and what crap takes over life is completely obnoxious.

If I would have been able to do even one of those things, probably, I wouldn’t be so pissed right now! But experience has taught me that being pissed is not my thing, so I’ll go and look for funny cat videos for now, and yes I found my reddit password, so that’s a relief.    


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