Faking News: Snapdeal to Offer ‘Bhakt Oriented Products’ to Users who Unistalled App


Snapdeal – Dil Ki Deal!

Bangalore: Ever since the TRP jerking, sensational news of Bollywood Mega Star Amir Khan’s comments on ‘intolerance’ surfaced, all hell has broke loose. The ‘tolerance – intolerance’ debate has again been fueled and there has been a general outrage against Amir while others have supported him for speaking up or have defended him against the outrage.
But, some completely sane person connected the obvious dots and derived at the conclusion of who was actually at fault here. Snapdeal. Yes, Snapdeal, the online e-commerce website has been receiving unprecedented flak for Amir Khan being its Brand Ambassador (Yes, go figure!) The ever so technologically inclined activists found a new method of registering their protest by uninstalling the Snapdeal app from their phones.
However, the Product Development Team at Snapdeal has come out with an ambitious plan of turning the controversy on its heel and generating business out of it. Mr. Bansal, Product Manager at Snapdeal, shared the details of the plan – “This controversy has come at an opportune time. We were aiming for entering into new and niche product verticals to expand our business. This could be it. This could be a game changer” – He said jauntily. “Our tech team has been able to compile a database of all the people who have uninstalled our apps on during the last two days. That means we have an actual list of ‘bhakts’. So, we will now offer them products oriented to their field of work – baseless activism” – remarked Mr. Bansal.
So, what are such products? “We can’t share the complete list of products as of now, but we can tell a few. Top of the list is Black Smear Paint, it is a completely indigenous product, can be used to blacken anyone’s face, be it a writer, actor or diplomat, etc. It works on all surfaces, so if the actual person is not available it can be used to blacken the posters as well. Consequently, we’ll also offer posters of all Muslim Celebrities and also that of Arundhati Roy. Effigies would also be available for order, and as a promotional offer we’ll also provide matches and half a liter kerosene for burning them.” – Explained Mr. Bansal.
But the biggest question remains that how will Snapdeal get these users back if they have unistalled the App? Mr. Bansal answered this with a wide grin – “Our marketing team has one up its sleeve too. We are getting Anupam Kher as our second Brand Ambassador.”

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