In my defense... I'm Sorry!

In my defense… I’m Sorry!

I know what you’re thinking! Does this guy have a time machine? Is this guy a super famous physicist! Why didn’t I read him about in the newspaper (or the news app on my phone) already?

If you’re not one of the four people (who happen to personally know me and/or are family members) who regularly read this blog, looking at the image here, you may suppose that I actually do own a time machine which I just engaged to go back in time whenever wearing a hat a muffler and a dead rat coloured sweater was in fashion.  But no, I’m sorry I do not own/have a Time Machine, and I ACTUALLY dressed up like that in the 21st Century. Let’s just say, shit happens!

 I’m sorry once again, if I foiled any of your hopes of going back in time and changing the events of the day when you’d approached that hot girl in the college canteen, whom you had been stalking for three years, with your fly open and your shirt peeking out of it like Jack Nicholson’s head out of that door in ‘The Shining’, and she’d thought that college canteen had finally employed waiters and that you were the newest appointee who had come there to pick up the plates. Or, maybe that’s just me!

 Anyways, I must tell you that I’m a Banker looking for other employment opportunities. Anything other than this boring, piece of shit, ‘9 to until the work is over’ job (except a physicist’s job, because… err… I’m not qualified for that).

 Apart from that, I’m writing a book under the working title ‘Look! I’m a Writer’, it’s a work under progress, a substantial part of which has been completed and I expect to finish it by the end of this week or a couple of years, maybe. In the meantime, you’d have to satisfy your literary appetite by going through my blog where I publish my oeuvre littѐraire.


Aabhash Shrivastav


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